Choosing Accurate Assistant

When you give us the necessary information to get in touch with you, we can keep the caller on the line and if you so choose, we can have the call transferred directly over to you.

Our call transfer and Find me, follow me, is the most cost-effective way in the industry. Our professional representatives know exactly how to reach you by your instructions so that you can either choose to deny or allow the call transfer with ease.

Choosing Accurate Assistant to answer your calls, means never having to worry about a busy signal or losing a call simply because your business was understaffed.

As a Michigan business, we know what it’s like to struggle in a tough economy.  When you use go Business as your message taking solution, you’ll be able to forward your calls to a family run small business who will grow right alongside you.

If we don’t answer a call promptly and courteously, no one wins; you’ll lose business and we’ll lose your business. It’s our job to find you when you have a sales call or an urgent message.

You should always be able to know who’s coming to your special occasion.  Having one of our friendly representatives take your RSVP information for that day, is an excellent way to get an accurate head count and ensure who will be coming.

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