Answering Service Pricing

You will be given a local number for your city for an additional $20.   Since we give you a local number to forward your calls so we can charge as little as $50 a month with 100 calls.

You can pre-purchase calls at increments of 100 calls.  For instance, if you want 200 calls it would be only $100 with a local number.   You can have an account set up the same day in most cases.

We want to hear from you!  Give us a call 24/7 at our toll-free number 1-888-993-3385 and we will help you figure out which business solution works best for you.  Accounts typically are set up within the same day.    We serve the USA with our answering service 7 days a week & holidays too!

Telephone answering service pricing:

$50 a month per 100 calls with a local number

Overages :

$0.75 per call up to 500
501 calls at $0.70 per call
1001 calls at $0.65 per call

$1.00 per call transfer
100 call transfers then $0.50 per call transfer

Purchase calls per month per 100 calls in $50 increments.  Out-calls & in-calls are charged after you hit your amount of calls you purchased.  Out-calls are deducted from your call balance like inbound calls.  Call us for rate with toll-free number forwarding.  Call allowance is inbound and outbound calls included.  Call transfer is always a separate fee per call transfer.

Additional features pricing:

  • $20 a month for each sub-account additional with a local number
  • $50 unlimited appointment setting inbound with an answering service account.

Get started today!

Get started with Accurate Assistant today by clicking on the purchase link or calling us toll-free at 1-888-993-3385 and a helpful owner/operator will get your account setup within 24 hours.