Attorney’s Answering Service

Unfortunately, voicemail can get lost or forgotten.  But when you have us take your calls, we can make sure you’ll know exactly who’s coming to your event.

  • No deposits or contracts with our telephone answering service.
  • Transferring a call from us to you is only 85 cents.  If you’re in your call allowance, you won’t even be charged for that outbound call.
  • Don’t miss business to a meeting or weekend.  At no extra cost, our staff can take messages for you 24/7 including all holidays!
  • Attorney answering service
  • If you’re an attorney the last thing you want is to be deciphering messages that your answering service leaves for you.  An attorney should be consulting with experts, building a case & not figuring out the number to call that was left with the telephone answering service.  When your perspective client calls they should be able to leave the information that you need to get back to them.  Their shouldn’t be any doubt with your attorney answering service if the message or phone number left is accurate.  You shouldn’t have any worry about missed calls or rude operators when you forward to your answering service.
  • You also should be able to save money when you use a telephone answering service & with Accurate Assistance savings is as paramount as service.

If it’s widgets or pet food phone calls should never go to voicemail.  Studies have shown that most people won’t leave a voicemail & your business will miss that important sale just to receive a dial tone.   In a rough economy, your business should be able to trust your answering service who doesn’t outsource its calls overseas.

We make sure that you have a live person who answers your customers’ needs in just a couple of rings & takes an accurate message for your business. Start for just $15.00 for your first month.  Call us 24/7 1-888-993-3385 to get started.